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Jen LeBlanc

Jen LeBlanc
Let’s talk about your future…….
Hi there my name is Jen LeBlanc and I am the Operations Officer here at Endz Salon Studios; Suite 101 is actually where I call home.
I create success stories. But these successes are not just my own; Many of my successes are manifested by the success of others that I’ve partnered with or coached. Some of my success stories begin with the individual just starting their career and others are full commercial ventures within the industry. My passion for the industry as a whole along with a knack for technology has earned me both S.T.A.M.P.S. and Salon Today 200 accolades for 10 years in a row and counting!
I believe in the “Evolution Of The Artist” from associate to suite owner. Endz Salon Studios is here be exactly what you need us to be in YOUR journey. Whether you are looking for freedom & or you need a stepping stone to grow into owning your own full blown salon we are here to fulfill all your needs.
We currently have 2 opportunities available for you to explore.1-Double Studio & 1-Single Studio!
I am in my office 7am to 3pm! Feel free to stop in anytime to explore all that Endz can do for you…
Is calling & emailing more your speed, no worries: 216-387-2894 /
I look forward to meeting you soon!

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