Our Story

Medina’s hometown favorites Jen Tryon and Sheila Barco have set out to create an eclectic atmosphere where top area stylists have their opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs without the overhead of opening a large salon.

Tryon and Barco, lifelong friends and business partners also own Salon Rootz, Inc, which has celebrated being one of the Top 200 salons in the country for the past four years. Together, they have spent most of 2014 surveying what top area stylists are looking for in a booth rental environment. “Both Sheila and I want to revolutionize every aspect of a stereotypical booth rental salon beginning with our business support and ending with our concept of communal shampoo bowls,” states Tryon. “Not only do we want to create a luxurious environment for our professionals to practice their passion, we want to inspire them and offer them our professional guidance,” adds Barco.

Endz Salon Studios

To provide independent stylists an opportunity to take their passion to the next level. We hope that your time with us is the most vitalizing and constructive time in your career.
Booth rental is changing the shape of the salon industry. Endz Salon Studios is poised to change the shape of booth rental. If you think big, believe big, act big, your results will be big.
This is the beginning of anything you want! Our team at Endz Salon Studios will help you take your passion to levels that you never dreamed were possible!

Our Investment in you

Our interest in maintaining your passion behind the chair- 100%
Our interest in helping you take your career to the next level- 100%
Our interest in creating an enviroment for your career to flourish- 100%
Our dedication to providing award-winning marketing support- 100%
Years in a row a Salon Today 200 salon
Months in a row BE Magazine Top 100
Years of salon ownership experience
Combined years behind the chair