Luxury Salon Studios

that transform the shape of the traditional booth rental environment!


Why Endz Salon Studios?

Destined to appeal to the entrepreneur at “heart” salon professional, Endz is poised to transform the shape of the traditional booth rental environment!  Created by award-winning salon professionals for the free-spirited salon professional!  Are you ready for a new beginning?
  • 11 State-of-the-art studios
  • Communal shampoo bowls
  • Access to award-winning marketing support
  • Access to industry leading, award-winning education
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It’s new, It’s innovative!

The Endz Salon Studios concept was formulated after months of research that included industry leaders.  One area of focus is that we have blurred the lines with being a booth renter but still wanting to be a part of a salon community and culture.  The end result is ENDZ SALON STUDIOS!

Do you want to keep 100% of your own revenue? There is no secret, you need to be your own boss!  Believe in yourself enough to invest in your future!  Make today that first step towards independence and call us at 216-387-2894!

Medina’s first luxury booth rental salon! Join the revolution today!

By the end of 2015 industry experts expect 50% of all salons in the United States to be BOOTH RENTAL!
Endz is the BEST of both worlds. Own your own salon AND enjoy business support and guidance along with cutting edge salon culture!